Today’s the big day!  I’m sitting here in the airport as I type this… I’m off to my birthplace, New York City, to attend YouTube’s Creator Camp.  I’m sad because I have never been away from my baby before and as we drove to the airport this morning I was a big (pregnant) emotional mess!  I had no idea I would feel like this!  I knew I would be sad but not like this! I’m sure the pregnancy hormones are taking their part in the entire ordeal as well.  I feel better knowing that my husband will be the one taking care of our DS while I’m gone.  He is the best hands-on daddy ever! He took the week off work just so he could stay home and watch Juice (our son’s nickname).  On the other hand… I’m excited to learn a ton this week that will help me provide better quality videos to my YouTube subscribers.

On a quilty note- I love making and wearing drawstring backpacks!  Like this one.  They are the perfect go-to bag. So, here’s the one I made for this week’s trip.

That’s me!  I’m Next Up!
(This style of backpack is also on my list of tutorials to do…. stay tuned!)

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