I’m back from NYC!

What an amazing week at Google’s NYC offices. 
The 24 other YouTube NextUp winners and I met so many amazing speakers, YouTubers and staff!
I learned so much on how to promote my YouTube channel, collaborate with other video creators, understand my analytics data, interact with my audience, etc.  I have an entire notepad full of notes!!  I have tons of work to do so, I’ll leave you all with some pictures so you can get a taste for how our week went. 
Eating lunch at Google’s cafeteria.
 Richard Ryan of RatedRR and Zach of FinalCutKing working on their latest videos.

Meghan of Strawburry17 shopping at the B&H superstore with the $1,000 gift cards we each won!

Listening to Michelle Phan, the YouTube makeup guru speak to us.  She is the most popular woman on YouTube!

Matt Koval of MattKoval and I…. my youngest sister is going to flip when she sees this picture! She loves him!

If you want to see some video recaps of each day at the Creator Camp checkout the full playlist HERE.

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