Some of my sorority sisters came into town this past weekend for an event called Greek Fest. The event was outside and I knew I would be on my feet (with baby Jonathan in tow) for at least 2 hours. So… you know me, I have to be as comfortable as possible.

Problem: I am not trying to lug around a bulky diaper bag on one arm. As a matter of fact whenever I am wearing Jonathan in a wrap I do not like to have my hands occupied at all.

Solution: The morning of the event I whipped up a backpack diaper bag using my sorority’s colors and our unofficial mascot- an elephant! I did not use a pattern for this project I simply whipped it up on my own guess-timating the size and other measurements. This technique usually works out great for me.

The fabric I used is a Red Snuggle flannel that I purchased at Joann’s fabrics a few years ago…. gotta love stash buster projects! I quilted the fabric using a cream colored thread on my longarm machine and used white drawstring for the drawstring closure at the top. I used gray felt for the elephant.

I loved how it came out! The straps are especially comfortable (made of the same fabric as the bag itself) and it is nice and big inside.

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