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With my DS crawling, standing up and scaling the living room furniture now at 7 months old… my days of sitting at a computer for uninterrupted hours (or even one hour) are looooooong gone! I researched netbooks (a.k.a- subnotebooks, mini laptops) for almost a year before finally deciding on my new Acer Aspire One from JR Electronics when it was on sale for $299.99 and free shipping.  I love it! It’s small, lightweight (only 2.76 lbs), and the battery lasts me about 8 hours! INSANE!

I love that I can sit on the floor, couch, or bed and get work in all the time.  It’s pretty crazy that I’m admitting this….but I actually read emails, grade assignments, and blog while nursing. ::cheeks turning red:: But hey, I gotta get it in where I can.

I can’t really throw a netbook in my diaper bag backpack and expect it to come out in one piece. So, I wanted to make a separate quilted case with handles to tote my mini around in. Specifically for the days when my DH gets off work early and I can run to a coffee shop for some undisturbed time to prep my class lectures.

I had fun making my new netbook cover and I’m glad I put this pretty batik fabric to good use. I made it wide enough to fit the charger so I make sure I don’t leave the house without it….. hate it when your laptop dies and you left the charger at home….. ah, law school memories.

I think this is a great beginner project especially for any sewers who are thinking about dabbling into the quilting world but claim to have no “patience.”  (p.s.- if you think all quilters are patient… meet me,  I’m Vanessa, I’m a quilter with very little patience. I used to have no patience at all and then I had a baby…)

For Episode #5 of the Crafty Gemini show I show you how to make your own quilted laptop cover. I walk you through all the measurements you need to take for a customized cover for any size laptop.  There is also an accompanying tutorial on making and attaching your own binding to any quilt.

Here’s a little giveaway for those of you interested! Post a comment below and be entered to win your very own CUSTOM LAPTOP COVER!  One random winner will be announced on May 1, 2010.  That means you have the entire month of April to enter.  Tell your friends!

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