How to Make a Fabric Flower… and hair clip!

I guess you could say I’m on a roll…. this is my second tutorial in 2 days! WOW!
I filmed this one while my DS napped this afternoon and I was literally recording the last line as he walked out of his room and came up to me. Phew!

This is a picture of the cute little fabric flower I show you how to make in this video tutorial.

I also explain how I like to turn them into hair clips… like this.

I’m going to be working on a few more projects this week before I have to start packing for my flight on Sunday morning. Yup!  My flight to NYC for the YouTube Creator Camp is only five days away!  I am still in shock that I was selected as a winner of YouTube’s NextUp contest. I plan to blog, tweet, and post-Facebook updates for you all of what is going on at the camp.  Hope you enjoy!  

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