Happy 4th of July!
Just wanted to drop by and say a quick hello… 
I made these adorable little Independence Day themed shorts for my DS yesterday morning before heading out to my MIL’s for a BBQ.
They fit him great and even had two little side pockets! 
My husband loves for him to wear plain white tees so I had to make an outfit around the simple t-shirt. It’s summer time and we live in Florida so, I think he was dressed appropriately. :o)
In other news… an update on my first queen sized quilt…. last I checked in with you all I was here.  Now, I am very happy to say I am finished with the quilt top!! Although I complained and swore that this would be my first and last queen sized quilt, I am feeling pretty proud and considering tackling another one this size for our bed! Not anytime soon, though.  I have to wait for the trauma of piecing 400+ half square triangle blocks to fade a little!
Isn’t it fabulous?!  
It’s an original design I created called:
Midnight Diamantes (diamonds in Spanish)
  I am so proud of myself it’s crazy!! 
 Here is a more closeup shot of the piecing!  Wow! 
Can you believe I have only been quilting for 3 years?
 Sorry for the excessive use of exclamation points, but I am sooooooo happy!!Now, I’m off to quilt it.. I’m doing good time for my July 18th deadline.  

I’ll check back in with you soon.


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