…are definitely not my favorite kind of quilts to make.  :o/
They bore me to death more than anything.
I am still working on the queen sized quilt I was commissioned to make.
It’s due by July 18th.
I have 21 out of the 30 blocks made. phew.
I still have to connect all the blocks, add borders, piece the backing, quilt the entire thing….
AND make and stitch on the binding.
Oh, and did I mention I always hand-stitch my binding on the backside.
I don’t even want to imagine how long it is going to take me to hand-stitch the binding on a QUEEN sized quilt.
But no worries… it will get done.  I’m aiming for July 10th.  Pray for me.
What I do like about being bored with a quilt is that my mind starts wandering and thinking of new projects I can start (like I don’t have enough projects to finish right now!)….
and my wandering = creative ideas =
you know…
I have been surfing around on our sponsors’ online shops and wow! Is it me or are new fabrics, and designers popping up everyday?!
Just when you think there is every kind of possible fabric print out there you wake up to find even more!
If you know anything about me you know I ♥ COLOR!
After some surfing look what I found:
Check out some of the new Moda Layer Cakes at the Fat Quarter Shop! ADORABLE!  
“Layer cakes” are 42 10″ x 10″ squares.  Although they are usually used to make quilt blocks, you could make all kinds of  projects— tote bags, patchwork skirts, patchwork dresses for little girls, etc.
If you’re on a tighter budget but can still use the extra fabric in your stash (who doesn’t love fabric?!)… the SALE page has ridiculous prices…  
Designer fabric for $4.50 a yard?!
Quilt patterns for $3.25?!
they even have crafting magazines for $3.00!
I’ve made my list of stuff to buy…. but I’ll have to run it by the hubby first.
In the meantime…. back to working on this big ol’ monotonous quilt.
Luckily for me, when I need a break from the big ol’ quilt I have an adorable walking running 10 month old super hero to chase after.
I ♥ him so much!!
(super hero cape tutorial coming soon…..) 

2 replies on “Big quilts

  • Beth

    I see your cape has strings, have you tried Velcro closure? My kids are SUPER clutzy so I use velcro so it will come off when it is inevitably caught on something as they run. Plus they can get it on and off easier

  • Crafty Gemini

    beth: it actually has velcro on the ends of the ties. I just made them too long so I tied them on him to take a few pics. I’ve since cut them shorter. So they are good now. Thanks!


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