Free-hand quilting

I’m almost done quilting my first queen size quilt!!
This is a commissioned project and after sending the client different free-motion/free-hand quilting designs she decided on my Swirly Floral.
Here it is and I’m ecstatic!
Can you believe it?! Sometimes I amaze myself… I don’t use ANY kind of template, or computerized program or tracing, etc.  I just get behind Janoris (my longarm quilting machine) and stitch away!  I don’t know where I’m going or how big I’m making the flowers until I actually do them.  It’s risky and crazy… and quite exhilarating! That’s why I love it!
It’s an all over or edge-to-edge design that is just randomly stitched all over the entire quilt top, including borders.
Did I mention my machine doesn’t have a stitch regulator either.. which means I have to control the speed of my stitching or else the stitches will come out all different sizes.  I’ve pretty much got that skill down. I’m so proud of myself!
Ok… now gotta go finish it!
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