I haven’t forgotten about you all.. I have just been swamped with work.  I just posted my June 2010 sewing & quilting class schedule for those of you living in the North Central Florida area.

Classes will be offered at Cootie Coo Creations in High Springs, FL.  Check out the schedule for registration and pricing information.

Some classes include a pillowcase dress, a zippered cosmetic pouch, flirty girl half-apron, and a fold-away quilt.
Aside from my classes I am busy designing new patterns and tutorials that I will have on the website and here on the blog soon.

Speaking of designing… remember the commissioned quilt I was finishing up? Well, I hand-stitched the binding on and mailed it to the lucky recipient- my friend’s girlfriend.  She will receive it tomorrow and I am so anxious to hear what she says… or screams.  I will accept screams as a thank you.

Here it is completed.  What do you think?

Only other thing I’ve been doing is making homemade bread from scratch…. here are the loaves I made today for the rest of the week. Yummy! I made this loaf just a plain whole wheat loaf to make sandwiches with.  I added two eggs and that gave it such a creamy consistency inside…. this is a keeper!

That’s all for now people… but trust me… I will be back soon.. and with something fun! Hmmm.. I’m thinking… a quilt along.

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