Black & Brights Anniversary Quilt

Nope… I haven’t finished it yet.  Well, the only thing I have left to do is finish hand stitching the binding on the Blacks & Brights Anniversary quilt I was commissioned to make by one of my old law school friends.  He contacted me a few weeks ago via Facebook to order a custom made quilt… for who? His girlfriend, of course!  Their anniversary was creeping up and he wanted to give her something handmade.  That’s where I come in! Aside from some color and theme suggestions he awarded me “full creative license and discretion to make a masterpiece.”(his own words)
One of my favorite things about doing custom made items for customers is that most of them will trust my judgment and creative eye.  That’s when I am most comfortable creating a piece of art because I don’t have to question my every decision wondering whether or not I think they would like this or that.

He suggested I incorporate Black (her favorite color), and bright accent colors like Teal, Purple/Lavender, Yellow, Orange, etc.  Here are the colors I decided on.
I know.. I know… what the hek is she thinking?!  That’s exactly what I thought after I cut out these strips and stood there looking at them. I continued anyway.  Why?  Because I designed this quilt in the EQ6 quilting software I purchased from our sponsor, Quilting Lodge and it looked good on my netbook screen.

This is the snapshot of the design in the software.

The quilt is one of my Big Block Quilts that come together relatively quickly because the blocks are 16″ x 16″ or bigger. The quilt is made up of rail fence blocks and two corner appliqué blocks.  One with a saxophone and the other with the American Sign Language sign for “I love you.“(the design just shows a heart because the software doesn’t have a block for ASL signs.)

(fyi- I’m working on some more Big Block Quilt designs and will be posting patterns and tutorials soon. Get excited!)

The message he wants me to include on the quilt label is:

“Let my love be a cover unto your heart and a comfort to your body.

Is that not THE cutest line ever for a quilt!??! I LOVE IT!

I sure hope she likes it!….Here is a quick look at the overall quilt.  I’ll show you the final quilt in a few days when it’s completed and shipped… stay tuned.  I’d really like to hear what you think so, drop me a line!

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  • ellen harper

    Dear Vanessa, I saw your video on the Oprah site. I think you are a real dynamo. I have been quilting for many years but I feel you could teach me a thing or two. I want to encourage you to keep on with your sewing and quilting. We do need more creative minds out there thinking and doing. I think you would be a great inspiration to young women and girls who want to be more self sufficient. What I tell the people I teach to sew is that being able to make things you need from inexpensive or thrifted raw material is freedom, freedom to create your life in a unique and artful way, freedom from the mass produced vision. Lately I have been enjoying remaking and recycling from thrifted fabrics. I wish you all the good luck and hope you win the contest.

  • Crafty Gemini


    Thank you sooo much for all your support! I really appreciate you looking me up on the web. Yes! I totally agree with you!! I am all about getting people to think outside the box and realize that they can make anything they want out of fabric! Anyone with the curiosity and the want to try something new can sew & quilt. All they need is some inspiration and an instructor that allows them to realize that it is really A LOT easier than it looks. Once you break that barrier, I find that my students get more and more creative and end up teaching ME new things! Thanks again and keep in touch! I love hearing from my readers and viewers.


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