Mini Bag Club #3 is here!! Welcome to another exciting edition of WIP Wednesday! This week, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our newest bag club – Mini Bag Club #3, and I can’t wait to share all the details with you!!

Each pattern is carefully crafted to provide a fun and challenging project that you can enjoy creating and using for years to come. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what’s inside Mini Bag Club #3.

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What we’re covering:

2:03 – What’s in the Mini Bag Club #3

7:13 – Bag 1 Stand-Pencil Pouch

12:58 – Bag 2 Zip Pocket Notebook

21:58 – Bag 3 Zip-in-Zip Pouch

28:43 – Bag 4 Holly Snap Wallet

32:51 – Bag 5 Flora Crossbody Bag

35:32 – Swapping Magnetic Snaps for Twist Lock Closures

37:40 – What is vegan leather

38:08 – Sizing mini bags for kids

38:42 – Adapting the Flora Crossbody Bag to your preferences

41:42 – Finding mesh fabric

42:31 – Crafty Gemini Clubs are prefect for sparking your creativity!

44:04 – Bag dimensions

44:55 – How much fabric you’ll need for these mini bags

47:09 – Join Mini Bag Club #3

Products and projects mentioned & used:

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• Order Foam Stabilizer: https://craftygemini.com/shop/bosalinrformsewin/

• Soft Metallic Vinyl Fabric: https://craftygemini.com/product-category/fabric/

• Mesh Fabric: https://craftygemini.com/shop/mesh-fabric-18-x-54/

• Folding Seam Ripper: https://craftygemini.com/shop/folding-seam-ripper/

• KAI Scissors- Assorted Sizes & Styles: https://craftygemini.com/shop/kai/

• Bosal One-sided Light Fusible Batting 45″ x 36″ White: https://craftygemini.com/shop/bosal-one-sided-light-fusible-batting-45-x-36-white-2/

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