NEW House Update- March 2020

We are so close to moving into the new house! I wanted to share a walk through video with you before we get ready to move in and change things up inside.

Watch this update video I put together for you!

Hope you enjoy it. The kitchen and sewing rooms are my fave!

9 replies on “NEW House Update- March 2020

  • Wilhamina Taylor

    Hi Crafty Gemini
    Congratulations on your beautiful home I’ve been learning and putting all new tips you taught me in my first few bags so much so that I’ll be selling my bags at vending markets and online . This adventure is overwhelming and most most Fun! I Love making tote bags my creative niche came when my kids gave me sewing machine for Christmas 23 yrs ago and had no clue what to do … I made a square bag no frills Velcro closure 2 handle bag. She wore to school it was on kids were teaching me there style. I learned to sew thru there eyes and designs. I’m still giddy of learning like a young lady. My kids keep encouraging me to sell my totes. Thank you for permission to make and sell your bags thru your bag of the month club. Coin purses were a hit for my daughter.

  • Georgy Colson

    Your house is gorgeous! Lots of luck…I’m VERY envious of that sewing room. Right now, my sewing room is in my living/dining room! lol. Anyway…many blessings in your new home. My hubby and I flip houses on the side, so we are well aware of the delays that can (and inevitably) DO happen, but it’ll be nice once you settle in! Good luck. Thank you for sharing.

  • Gerri

    Congratulations on your new home and all your new adventures to come! I look forward to seeing the end result!
    btw… I learned to quilt watching your videos!


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