Fractured Quilt Block- 2 Ways: Video Tutorial & Quilt Along with 10″ Slicer by Crafty Gemini

Hello and welcome to another video tutorial! Today, join me as we quilt along with my 10” slicer ruler. I will share with you how I make my Fractured Quilt Block.  

Step #1:
I will be working on a 10″ x 10″ fabrics. To begin with, grab two fabrics, and lay them one on top of the other with both pretty sides facing up. Position the ruler on the left side of the square while the narrow part is aligned at the bottom edge of the fabric. Then, cut through the asymmetrical edge of the ruler. As a result, you have two pieces of fabrics with the same shape but in the opposite direction.

Step #2:
Now, lift the ruler. Then, flip it face down and rotate 90 degrees to the left. Then, on the second fabric that you cut away, position the wider side of the ruler along the left bottom edge of the fabric. Cut along on the top edge of the ruler. Now you have 3 pieces of fabric. Then, interchange the bottom pieces of the fabrics to create the fractured quilt block effect.

Step #3:
Now, stitch together the two smaller fabrics. To do this, flip the top fabric and lay it over the bottom fabric with both pretty sides touching. Then, match the bottom edge of the top fabric with the top edge of the bottom fabric and stitch. You are back with two fabrics again.

Step #4:
Lastly, stitch the two fabrics together through the asymmetrical line. One fabric is going to be longer than the other, so match the shorter fabric in the middle of the longer one. Then, trim the excess on the sides. And you should end up with a square measuring at 9 1/2” on all sides. There you go, just repeat these steps until you come up with more fractured quilt blocks.

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Finally, don’t forget to watch the video tutorial for more tips and tricks on making a fractured quilt block using a 10″ slicer. 

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