JUKI DX5 Sewing Machine Video Review

I recently purchased several JUKI DX5 sewing machines for my brick & mortar sewing studio in Gainesville, FL- The Sewing Coop.  I decided on this machine model for several reasons:

1) I already own a JUKI DX7 sewing machine. I’ve had it for 2+ years and love using it in my home studio for my garment sewing projects. Click here for a comparison sheet on the DX5 vs DX7 models. 

2) I wanted a sewing machine with more top of the line features for my students to use in the intermediate/advanced adult classes I teach.

3) After a lot of research + my sewing machine experiences with different makes/models I have found that this machine is the best bang for my buck! I’ve yet to come across another machine that offers everything this model does for the same or similar price point. (If you know of one, let me know in the comments!)

I have put together a video review for you to watch and learn more about this machine. If you are in the market for a more high end computerized sewing machine that won’t break the bank check this one out!

Disclaimer:I don’t work for JUKI. They didn’t pay me to do this review. They do not give me free sewing machines. I purchased these machines with my money from my friends at Sew-Mini Things in Mt. Dora, FL where I buy all my JUKIs.

If you enjoy my video review and decide you would like to purchase a JUKI DX-5 I would encourage you to support both my business and Sew-Mini Things by using my affiliate link to make your purchase online from Timm’s shop here: http://bit.ly/2Dj98Yq. If you purchase the machine using the link above I will receive a small commission. Thanks for your support!


Enjoy the video review of the JUKI DX5 sewing machine below!


13 replies on “JUKI DX5 Sewing Machine Video Review

  • Kris Hunt

    Hi Vanessa,
    I have a Juki and noticed you did not have the presser foot up while threading the machine and the needle. Not necessary?

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      Technically, yes. The foot should be up when you thread but because I lifted the presser foot after threading the needle and the pulled the thread back towards the back of the machine that pulled the thread into the tension discs that were then open. Make sense? Hope that helps.

  • Theresa McFarland

    I loved your video! I’ve been wanting to upgrade my machine but wasn’t sure about the electronic sewing machines. I was particularly interested in the free motion aspect and this one looks super great but I can’t find the throat space size online. Can you tell me it’s throat space? Would you generally recommend this one for free motion quilting or is there one you find better?

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      This machine can do free motion quilting just fine but if you want a mechanical one that has a larger throat space then I would suggest this one: https://youtu.be/OQsQQ6QhzN8. Keep in mind it only does a straight stitch whereas the DX5 has all the other decorative stitch capabilities.

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      It’s 8″ from needle bar to back of throat space. My free motion workhorse machine is this one: https://youtu.be/OQsQQ6QhzN8 but it only does a straight stitch. I like the DX5 if you need a machine that can free motion quilt AND offer all the other stitches for garment sewing and other types of projects.

  • Margaret Hanson

    Hi vanessa,
    My question would they accept the finances of monthly payments? I really love those but I’m living low income , I dont use credit card, if there some way work or out about the machine . Does the DVD have close caption? I need to know if it has close caption. , It would helpful for me to watch how to use this handle machine.
    Love to hear from you Margaret Hanson

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      You’d have to contact Sew-Mini Things to discuss that with them directly. You can call the shop at: (352) 483-0082. Good luck!

  • Su

    Juki should pay you Vanessa because the manual that comes with the Juki DX5 is for sh—! Thank you SO much for this tutorial. Have had my machine for about one month and found your tutorial while looking for Juki guidance throughout YouTube. FYI, LOVE my Juki DX5 too.


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