How to Finish Neckline and Hem Blouse: Butterick 6214 Sew Along with Crafty Gemini

Congratulations! You made it to the final video of my Butterick 6214 Sew Along series. In this last tutorial, we will finish the neckline and hem blouse. As you all know, this video playlist consists of 8 videos where I walk you through the instruction sheet step by step. If you’re new, then here’s a list of all the topics I covered in the previous videos. 

  1. Butterick 6214
  2. What NOT To Do
  3. How To Read a Sew Pattern
  4. Supplies, and Prepping Pattern
  5. Cutting Off Fabric Pieces
  6. Sewing Front, Back & Sleeves
  7. How To Set in Sleeves

Watch the Butterick 6214 video tutorial series HERE

To begin with, open one edge of the bias tape and press out the crease and pre-shape the tape to match the curve of the neck edge. However, just press lightly so you can still see the crease, then mark with chalk. Also, place the crease line ⅝ down from the edge of the neckline. To do this, align the raw edge of the bias tape along with the staying stitch. As a result, the bias tape is pinned down around the neckline while the crease is ⅝ below from the edge of the neckline. Then, stitch along the crease. Now, the binding has been attached. 

Next, trim the top seam allowance in such a way that it is even with the bias tape. Then, turn the other edge of the bias tape to the inside of the fabric. Fold it to such a degree that there will be no bias tape showing on the neckline. Iron press the fold, glue baste in place, then topstitch at about ⅜ of an inch. Basically, the goal here is to topstitch in such a way that you don’t miss the edge of the binding. 

Now, to hem the edge of the blouse, fold it towards the wrong side at about a quarter of an inch, then glue baste. After that, fold again to itself at about a quarter of an inch. Lastly, topstitch from the pretty side. 

  • Finally, you can start sewing, so get your Butterick 6214 pattern now. 
  • If you are looking for Rayon Challis fabric, then you can find some HERE
  • Also, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna need a measuring tape. Click HERE.

Here’s the tutorial on How to Finish Neckline and Hem Blouse video tutorial. Enjoy!

Happy Sewing!

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