How to Set in Sleeves: Butterick 6214 Sew Along with Crafty Gemini

We are almost done! So, if you are new here, then don’t forget to check out the video playlist of my Butterick 6214 sew along series. Earlier, you learned how to sew the front and back fabric pieces as well as the sleeves. So, this time, I will teach you how to set in sleeves. Once you are done sewing the hems of your sleeves, what you need to do next is to put it inside the top. 

The first thing to do is to match the sleeves properly with the bodice piece. And what I mean by properly is that take into account the notches. When you start pinning the sleeves and the bodice, make sure that the notches are properly matched. Then, when matching the raw edges the pretty sides should be touching.

I stitched two seams, one going along the markings and another seam at about a quarter of an inch to the right of the first. Then, I trim away the excess close to the second line of stitching. Repeat these steps with the other sleeve and you’re good. 


Here’s my video tutorial on how to set in sleeves. Enjoy! See you in my next tutorial!

Happy Sewing!

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