Measure Sleeve Cap Ease & Armhole with the Crafty Gemini Curve Runner

It’s about time I teach you how to use a curve runner to measure sleeve cap ease and armhole. Previously, in my Westchester Dolman Top tutorial, I showed you the proper way to accurately measure around the neck circumference of the t-shirt. As a result, you can use these measurements to calculate the neckband strip that you need to cut out. 

Meanwhile, in this tutorial, you will learn how to measure the armscye opening or what you call the armhole as well as the sleeve measurement. You need to this so that you know what you’re getting into before easing in the sleeve into the arm’s eye. Basically, using the curve runner, you measure the sleeve cap on the pattern piece and the bodice pieces. Then, compare the measurements. However, pin together the bodice pieces as if they were fabrics.  Also, take note not to measure them separately or else, you are going to end up with additional measurements.

Watch this video tutorial as I show you how to use a curve runner and a curvy ruler to measure sleeve cap ease and armhole. Enjoy!

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