Intro to Machine Embroidery by The Crafty Gemini

If you are thinking to buy a embroidery machine or maybe deciding if this kind of thing is for you, then you have come to the right blog. You might have known embroidery but there are two kinds- hand embroidery and machine embroidery. 

Hand embroidery uses a hoop to stabilize the fabric. Also, the threads are thicker and so the stitches are bigger. Typically, it is a process that’s gonna take longer.

On the other hand, machine embroidery is faster so you can do more. You just need to set all the materials needed and the machine setting. Basically, it will do all the stitching for you.

You can also use your regular sewing machine. It is like a free motion quilting and that is also sometimes used with a hoop. The thing about this is that you are in charge because you get to move the fabric and guide it to get to the design you want. Machine embroidery allows you to customize your hand-made projects or your store-bought ones. 

There are two kinds of embroidery machines. First, is a combination machine that does sewing and embroidery. Second, is a stand-alone which only does embroidery. For those of you with sewing machines already, I would recommend a stand-alone embroidery machine. Prices of embroidery machines vary. From how big your design could get and to having a one-step needle threader. Moreover, a computerized machine that tells you that your bobbin doesn’t have enough thread. There are a lot of special features for these high-end machines. 

If you are looking for designs they are accessible anywhere. You can find it over the internet, during workshops or classes or, at your local quilt shops. Some are free, and some are for a cost. However, some free designs on the internet are mostly digitized by automated systems. Therefore, it means that not an actual person digitized it by hand. Digitized is to take a drawing or an artwork and turn it into a file, but in a specific format that can be read by your embroidery machine. 

When it comes to the embroidery supplies that you’re gonna be needing, take into consideration the threads, the most popular are the polyester and rayon. One difference between these two is that the former is colorfast and the latter can easily lose its color when bleaching. As for the stabilizers, there is a lot to choose from but the tear away, cutaway, and water-soluble ones are great to get you started. 

Don’t you know that embroidery can also be for kids? My kids love to do machine embroidery with me! They get to choose the color of the threads, the design they want or add their names. It is perfect for making little pillows and pajamas. My 5-year-old daughter made a pillow where she chose her own design, the font, the colors, the fleece, and even sew it all up by herself.  

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