How to Baste & Big Stitch Hand Quilting- Crafty Gemini Tutorial

Hi! If you have been following my tutorials, then you know that I recently made a turnstile quilt block. And in addition to that, it’s time that I teach you how to prep a quilt block for hand quilting. Moreover, along the process, you will learn what a quilt sandwich is and how to baste your quilt.

So, for the mini quilt, I used the quilt block, batting fabric/fusible fleece, and a backing fabric. Then, there are two ways you can baste the fabrics together. You can either do pin basting or use a spray adhesive, whatever works for you. However, I find this another option easier which is hand basting.

Also, I will show you one of my favorite ways to hand quilt which is big stitch hand quilting. When it comes to hand quilting, there are two things you should consider, the thread and the needle. A contrasting color of thread and the thicker it is, the more it pops, and the more it’s noticeable. Then, when choosing needles, remember that you will be stitching through multilayers of fabrics.

And since it’s going to be 3 layers of fabrics, I will be using a thimble, and this thimble that I use is really cool. Aside from it is metal that has a tip to help me with pushing the needle, it is also handy for long nails and manicured nails. The thimble is not completely contained so, it doesn’t touch my nails.

On the other hand, a thing to remember about the thread is that the higher the weight, the thinner it is. In this project, I will be using a 12 weight thread which is notably thicker. Additionally, it is the equivalent of two strands of embroidery floss which I prefer to use for hand quilting. Lastly, I will teach you how to start and end with neatly hidden knots in your hand quilting. 

By the way, here’s where you can get the materials to get you started.

        • The thread that I used in this tutorial is from my thread collection.
          Check them out HERE.
        • 22 Chenille needles. Click HERE.
        • Sashiko needles. Click HERE.
        • For my favorite thimble, you can find them HERE.
        • And if you are looking for a spray adhesive, click HERE.

Finally, here’s the video on how to baste and how to big stitch hand quilting tutorial. Enjoy!

Happy Quilting!

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