Must-Have Quilting Supplies for Beginners

must have beginner quilting supplies video by crafty gemini

Last week I shared a video on must-have beginner sewing supplies. Today I want to share a slightly different video for those that may be quilting beginners. Although many of the supplies I mention overlap in both areas (sewing & quilting) I wanted to make a video specifically on the quilting supplies I recommend for my beginner quilting students.

If you are teaching someone to quilt or want to give a friend a little push into quilting feel free to share this post and video with them. I point out the basic supplies you need to get started with your first quilt project and then go into a more elaborate list of supplies I recommend. If you want to make a quilt and are on a tight budget watch this video because I tell you exactly what are the minimal supplies you can get away with in making your first quilt top! The supplies included in this video are all my personal preferences.

I’m offering this list up as a starter guideline for those that may feel overwhelmed with the amount of fabric, tools and gadget options on the market for quilters. You don’t need to buy everything you see. If you are a quilting newbie you can start off with the basics quilting supplies and as you get more and more into quilting you will slowly (but surely!) start adding more tools to your quilty toolbox.

beginner quilting supplies video by crafty gemini

Now I’ll leave you with the video!Feel free to share with your friends on the different social media sites. And you can always pin my posts and videos as well. Happy sewing!

Here is the list of the items and products I mentioned in the video. Keep in mind you do not need all of these supplies to get started.

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links which means if you place an order using one (or more) of these links I will be compensated at no additional cost to you. Thanks for you support!

Items mentioned in my must-have beginner quilting supplies video:

• (My favorite machine for beginners) Janome 2212 sewing machine: Can be purchased here for $149 + free shipping in U.S.

• Black & White Collection 10 square fabric collection by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman

• My 10″ Slicer ruler and 5″ Slicer ruler

• Seam ripper

Glass head straight pins

Fabric clips

• Basting Glue- I use Elmer’s Washable school glue (only the white version)

Fineline glue tips: I use the Super Flow size

FriXion pens (multi-color pack)

Water-soluble fabric marker

• Thread: 50 wt cotton

Heavy Spray Starch

• My two favorite mini irons: Steamfast and Sunbeam

DIY mini ironing board tutorial

• Rotary cutters: Olfa Purple splash and Safer ergonomic Fiskars rotary cutter

• Rotary cutting mats:  18″ x 24″ mat and 14″ x 14″ rotating cutting mat.

• Rulers: 4″ x 14″ strip ruler, 6.5″ x 24″ long strip ruler , 6.5″ x 6.5″ square ruler

• Generic open toe free motion quilting foot. {Check if it’s compatible with your machine first.}


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A great video that covers supplies beginner quilters will need!

14 replies on “Must-Have Quilting Supplies for Beginners

  • Nilsa

    Hello Vanessa, I’m trying to purchase both your 5 & 10″ slicers. Want to use my credit card instead of PayPal, but PayPal doesn’t let me although the option to use a credit card available. How can I buy your products without having this frustration with PayPal?
    Thank you,

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      Hi Nilsa. Sorry you’re having trouble with PayPal. Send a quick email to my assistant, Bea (at) and we will set you up thru a different link. Thanks!

  • Berlande

    I like the quilt you made. I like the color collection of darkness and colorfulness. I’m learning from you. I will do my best to make my baby nephew a quilt.

    Those are what I need, but I will have to buy them few amount at a time.
    10″ Slicer ruler
    5″ Slicer ruler
    18″ x 24″ mat
    14″ x 14″ rotating cutting mat
    4″ x 14″ strip ruler
    6.5″ x 24″ long strip ruler
    6.5″ x 6.5″ square ruler
    open toe free motion quilting foot
    Rotary cutters
    Thread: 50 wt cotton
    Heavy Spray Starch
    Fabric clips
    fabric collection

    I think I can find certain things at garage sales, if I am lucky.

  • Joseph

    Hello I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what sewing machine do you use most often just for sewing projects not quilts and things of that sort.

  • Shirley Littleton

    As I have most of the items listed (I plan to purchase the 5″ slicer). May I ask if your tote bag can be made for young children? If so, how? Also, I would like to say I am so proud of you for following your buried desire to become the Crafty Gemini instead of Attorney Vargas-Wilson!!! Thank you for sharing.

  • Sharon

    I was playing around with the 5″ slicer and accidentally made a latticed four patch on point. I went back to it and now I can’t remember how I did it! Has anyone sent any pictures in?

  • Cheri Williams

    Hi Vanessa. You are a God send for those of us who have a crafty heart but not necessarily the crafty ability without a good teacher. I made a bag after watching a tutorial with your crafting friend, Jennie Doan. That’s how I happened upon your videos. The seams don’t actually match up and the bottom of the bag, I have no idea what I was thinking, but carry it with pride. I’ve made place mats, and a table runner that I wouldn’t show you because I don’t want you to hurt yourself laughing. I just purchased your 5 inch slicer ruler and threads. I’m going to try to make your Star Burst Zipper Pouch. No matter how it comes out I will figure out how to post it? I’m not very techy, so I’ll get my niece to help me. Wish me luck. Cheri

  • Scott Williams

    Is Pile O Fabric still operating? I ordered the fineline tips and have gotten any response via email and Facebook. I have had issues in the past with Shopify owned sites and wanted to make sure I receive my items. Thanks


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