Fleece Mug Cozy- Video Tutorial

fleece mug cozy

It’s December already and I’m gearing up to share a few new tutorials with you on super quick & easy gift ideas you can whip up in time for the holidays.

First up, a fleece mug cozy!

These are so quick to whip up I think you will be making them by the dozens! I was seeing a lot knitted or crochet mug cozies that I decided to come up with a simple fleece version.

I chose fleece because:

1) the raw edges don’t fray

2) it has some stretch to it (great for making it fit your mug when you’re sewing isn’t perfect) and

3) it will keep your drink nice and toasty longer!

This is the perfect beginner project. There is minimal sewing, it’s not difficult and if you follow my video instructions you’ll be good to go. Trust me!

Now I’ll leave you with the step-by-step video tutorial on how to make one of these fleece mug cozies. You’ll learn how to cut your fabric, how to sew it up, where to attach your button and how to make the no-sew button hole! I also share tips and ideas on how to embellish it. This can be a fun project to make with kids, too! Watch the video tutorial and let me know your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you. Happy sewing!

{p.s.- If you need some fleece you can grab some here.  <— This is an affiliate link so if you do make a purchase using this link I will earn a small percentage of the sale price at no added cost to you. Thanks for your support!}

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