Fabric Shopping Haul!

It’s been months since I took my trip to Los Angeles, CA for my friend, Mimi’s fashion and sewing conference. I did some serious shopping in the fashion district and wish I would have had an extra week just to shop! There are sooooo many stores that it’s impossible to see them in all in only a couple of days. I’ve been posting pictures of the secret luggage since I returned from my trip and everyone has been begging for me to finally open it! 

I had a ton of deadlines to meet this summer so I held off opening it because I didn’t want to get distracted with all the goodies I knew I had in there!

Well, today is the day! I have created a fabric shopping haul video for you. The deals I got were ridiculous! After my first day of shopping I remember my husband calling and asking if I’d gone shopping yet. HA! When I told him I did, he laughed! He says, “I just checked the bank account expecting you to have done some damage but you barely made a dent.” He then insisted I shop some more the next day as well. So, of course, I complied. No one has to tell me twice to buy more fabric!

Buying thread at Michael Levine, Inc.

My friend Rejina and I returned to the fashion district the next day and bought this purple suitcase before we hit the shops. I paid $15 for it at one of the luggage shops on the streets of Downtown LA! And because I was flying Southwest Airlines I could check it for my return trip without paying extra baggage fees. Score!


I thought I was going to spend $300-$500 buying fabric and notions and instead I didn’t even spend $100. Insane!  To learn which fabric stores were my favorite be sure to watch the video. They have amazing deals! If you don’t believe me… watch the video and listen to what I paid for each item. You will be shocked… and you may start booking your own trip to the LA fashion district too!

Buying handbag hardware at Michael Levine, Inc.

Here is the full video of my crazy shopping haul! Los Angeles rocks! If you get a chance to go buy fabric there definitely check out the favorites I mention in the video.

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