Today I received a message from one of my fans letting me know she nominated me for a Craftsy Blogger Award! How cool is that?! I feel so special. {Thanks, Jamie!}

It’s a pretty simple contest and the winners who make it to the next round will be selected based on your votes and the Craftsy Judging Panel. The cool part is that when you nominate a blogger for an award YOU are entered for a chance to win a FREE Craftsy class of your choice!
I’d love your support in helping me win a Craftsy Blogger Award! I think it would be cool to get a free Craftsy class myself and I’ll get to display my award badge on my blog. Bragging rights!
There are several categories that my blog fits under in the nomination form so, you can nominate me for whatever you think fits. But just so you know, some of my Facebook fans have nominated me in the category of QUILTING for the award BEST TUTORIALS. Ah! It would be so cool to win!
Thanks for your support! I’ll let you know if I make the cut because if I do I will need your votes again in the final round!

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