How to Make Lemonade with Kids- Video Tutorial

I live in Florida and summer is practically here! It’s hot, rainy and we are always looking for ways to cool off! The kids and I had an opportunity to visit a local organic blueberry farm just up the road from us and pick 6 lbs of berries this week!  So, we decided to make one of our favorites- blueberry lemonade!

Picking berries is so much fun and even the youngest kids can help. My daughter is not even two yet and she picked a good bit all by herself. We taught her which ones were ripe and once she got that she was off and picking! Do some research and see if you have any {organic, preferably} u-pick farms near you.  It’s a family outing we do at least a few times a year and the kids love it!

My kids and I picking blueberries at a local organic blueberry farm in Lake Butler, FL.
Jonathan (3.5 yrs) enjoys eating them more than filling his bag! LOL

 Many of you often write me and ask how I get my kids involved in the kitchen and I thought I would whip up a quick video tutorial of how I have my kids help me make lemonade including the kind of tasks they can do all by themselves while helping.  It’s such an easy recipe and perfect for the hot summer days.

In the video I provide you with 3 variations for really simple and refreshing homemade lemonade- a simple lemonade, blueberry lemonade and mint lemonade. They are all delicious! Give them a try and let me know what you think.

What’s your favorite kind of lemonade to make?

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