New Maxi Skirt- Sewing Project

My youngest sister (age 21) is visiting us and as you can imagine with an extra set of hands around the house I’ve been able to get more done around here! Yippee!  I’m teaching her how to sew and she’s really into fashion so I started her off with a super easy maxi skirt project.  I made mine while she followed along making hers.

My new maxi skirt! Oh so comfy!

 I had some 4-way stretch denim in my stash that was super soft do I made the waistband out of it and I’m so glad I did! I’m still debating whether or not to tie-dye this maxi skirt with a darker blue, or perhaps some of the other suggestions I received from you via Facebook- low emersion dyeing for a mottled look and ombre dyeing it were some of the popular suggestions I received. What would you do to this maxi skirt to give a little something extra?

Love my hat?! I made it using THIS crochet tutorial.
Totally love my new maxi skirt!

It is a pretty full skirt but the fabric is nice and light… plus, I had to make full because it’s also semi-sheer and without the fullness I would have to worry about wearing some type of slip or shorts, etc. I don’t have time to be bothered with all that. I need clothes that I can just throw on and go!

What do you think about my new maxi skirt? Would you like to see a tutorial on this? 
{p.s.- I made the hat too! I followed THIS crochet tutorial. }

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