Sewing Studio & Farm Update- February 2012

We have been working up a sweat over here!  Trying to get my new sewing studio finished and prepping for our spring garden…phew! So much work I want to get done as soon as possible.

My DS has been having a blast harvesting the last of our carrots and turnips.  He also helped me prep the potatoes for planting. I’m excited to start posting my gardening videos in the near future, too. Yay!

We are learning so much every single day on the farm.  It’s a lot of work but so rewarding! I love having my 2 year old DS go out to the chicken coop, gather his eggs and bring them to the kitchen and say, “Mama, pancakes por favor!”  He is just the sweetest little guy!

We have also setup a greenhouse on the property which we are excited about as well.  It was a kit for a 10′ x 20′ greenhouse we found online that had great reviews so we jumped at the opportunity to get it on sale with free shipping. That always gets me.

We have been making good progress on my new studio too… watch the video update for details.

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