Block #8- Autograph/Signature Block

Sorry for the late post!  I uploaded this tutorial last week and just never got around to posting it.  oops!  As you probably already know I’m super busy working on finishing the inside of my studio all by my lonesome… and it’s taking me forever!  I’m almost ready to paint! Can you tell I’m excited?!
Anywho… here is this last week’s block.  Hope you enjoy the tute and as usual be sure to upload those pictures to my Facebook page. I’m loving everyone’s blocks! Keep up the great work.

6 replies on “Block #8- Autograph/Signature Block

  • ela mika

    Okay, so u must be the third person i have ever replied to. Just wanted to let u know how truly inspirational u are. Keep up the great work and i will be definitely try to follow if i can remember how i got to your page.

    Keep smilin. Ela
    P.s. i don’t know if it shows whos name or account i’m using but it is our middle daughters name and account

    Thank u so much and keep inspiring us, what a beautiful family. Enjoy them life goes quickly u only have them for a short time

  • Marie

    Vanessa, Love your detailed instructions. Can the block be signed AFTER the quilt is finished. I’m planning to make a 50th anniversary quilt & bringing it to a party with most of their friends in attendance.

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      Maybe so. But it will be tricky to avoid two key things: 1) stabilizing the fabric so they can write will be a challenge and 2) keeping the permanent ink from seeping through to the backing of the quilt would be a concern of mine as well. Good luck!

  • Delores Wilson

    I have been looking for a nice wedding quilt pattern, came across your autograph quilt pattern and am excited to try it, may be a year or two before it will be used but I am going to start looking for fabric for the quilt squares, thanks a bunch. Love the tutorials!


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