We spent the weekend getting the new chicken coop ready for a few egg laying hens and a very handsome rooster!

Aren’t they just the cutest? We got one Ameracauna (white) who lays green and blue eggs. Cool, huh? The black & white one is a Barred Rock hen and we got two of those except one isn’t in the coop because she managed to jump out as we were trying to put her in.  Luckily, she is hanging around the property still and comes by the coop to get her water and feed. The Barred Rock hens lay nice tan colored eggs.  Apparently, hens take a few weeks to get accustomed to their new home once they’ve been moved before they will go back to laying eggs. Lucky for us, one of them feels right at home because just the next morning we had this waiting for us….

I’ve been having good luck in my garden as well. My white onions are looking fab! I can hardly believe how easy it was to plant them.   Onions were a must-have for me because I use them every day in almost every meal. So delicious. Needless to say I planted over 100! Ha! What I’m going to do with that many onions is still up in there but I figure I could always give them to friends.

Some other veggies I planted are:

 Bok Choy.



Hope everyone is staying warm! I’ve heard there is snow in some parts of the U.S. already!

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