Beginning Sewing Series- Pajama Pants- Video #3

Yay!  My beginner sewing series is complete!  I just finished editing and posting Part 3.  In this third part of the series I show you how to sew up the pants, creating a waistband casing, insert and secure the elastic and even how to hem the pants! This is the perfect beginner project.

If you have been following along you should now be able to make a really cute pair of pajama/lounging pants all by yourself from start to finish.  If you have not and are interested in getting your own copy of Simplicity 2290 pattern, it can be purchased HERE.

To watch the entire series simply click HERE to watch all three parts from start to finish.

6 replies on “Beginning Sewing Series- Pajama Pants- Video #3

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for making this sewing series. You explain everything so well in your videos! This week, I made a shopping cart cover and several bibs, all thanks to you :). Again thank you so much Vanessa!!

  • Jessica

    OMG Vanessa! Can I just start with I love you and everything you post! I’ve been sewing for years but all free hand stuff, I’m terrified of patterns (until today). I actually had this pattern on hand and have opened and closed it many times. I braved up and made my daughter a pair of light blue snowflake flannel pants. You made it SOOOOO easy and they turned out perfect! Now I’m off to make pair #2 with multicolored owl flannel. 🙂

  • Crafty Gemini

    Jessica: I am so glad to hear that! How funny that you already had the pattern on hand! LOL. It was meant to be. Thank you so much for posting your comment. I like to hear from my viewers to get feedback on my tutorials and style of instruction. I would love for you to post pictures to our Facebook page if you want. I like for other fans to see that they too can do it. Facebook page:

  • Susan Iezzi

    Hi I love your videos!!! I just made these pants. I measured myself and used the XL pattern for adults. The waist fits, the length is good but the legs are sooooo baggy. How do I fix this?


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