Beginning Sewing Series- Pajama Pants- Video #2

If you are following my new Beginner Sewing Series then you will be happy to know that Part 2 has been posted!  We have been working with Simplicity Pattern #2290 from their new Learn to Sew line of simple commercial sewing patterns. You will learn how to make a cute pair of simple elastic waist pants from start to finish.  The pattern is for child/ teen and teen/adult sizes.

If you’d like to follow along and need to get your own pattern you can purchase it HERE.

Many of you have emailed me asking for a tutorial on how to read & understand commercial sewing patterns.  So, I have delivered!  I know the terminology and diagrams can be intimidating especially for beginners so I hope the videos in this series will help clarify most of it for you!

In Part 2 of this series I explain how to prepare your fabric and tissue paper pattern piece, how to arrange the pattern on your fabric for pinning and cutting.  Part 3 will be posted later this week and will cover how to sew the pants up, creating the waistband casing, inserting elastic for waistband and hemming the pants. Look out for the post on that coming soon.

If you are just now learning about this series— click here to read about & watch Part 1. 

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