Beginning Sewing Series- Pajama Pants- Video #1

As I wait around for this baby girl to come out and play I’ve decided to start a new sewing series! I know… I know… my husband thinks I’m crazy too…. but I really do love making video tutorials for you all. It’s fun!

This week’s video is for Part 1 of this new beginner sewing series.  Many of you have suggested I offer a tutorial on how to understand and follow a commercial sewing pattern.  So, I listened… and here it is!

In Part 1 I walk you through the information found on the back of the pattern.  The pattern we will be using in this series is Simplicity 2290 from their Learn to Sew line of patterns.  It is for a simple pair of pants.  The one pattern includes the pieces for making it in kids/teens sizes and also teens/adults.  So it’s a great place to start even if you won’t be making them for yourself.

Thanks to Simplicity… this week I am also hosting a giveaway!  Two lucky winners will each get their own 2290 pattern to follow along in the sewing series.  The giveaway ends Friday, September 2, 2011.  For details on how to enter watch the video by CLICKING HERE.

p.s.- Remember that if you are reading this post in your email you won’t see the video.  You need to either open the blog post as it appears on the actual blog page or CLICK HERE to watch the video.

17 replies on “Beginning Sewing Series- Pajama Pants- Video #1

  • Mimi

    I’ve always wanted to sew some lounging pants and was even thinking about making some as gifts for Christmas!!! The last time I followed a pattern was in high school… a very long, long time ago. With the help of the home ec teacher I made a few nice items. I think that now that I have matured (a little hehehe) I can handle using a pattern all on my own!

  • TDT Designs

    I am indeed intimidated by commercial patterns, mainly because I’m new to sewing. I have opened a few, looked at them and put them away lol. However I must learn since I have a bunch of patterns to make! Love the break down of the pattern so far – looking forward to part 2!
    Teresasdt (at)

  • java_jenny

    Hi Vanessa – Great video to get us started! I had no idea what alot of the things on the back of commercial sewing patterns means so this was a great help! And yes, I’m intimidated by commercial patterns because I’m afraid I won’t understand something on the pattern & not even realize I’m mis-interpreting it and that it will cause me to mess up the item I’m sewing! Thank you again for the video tutorials. I just subscribed to them.

  • Lisa

    Loved the video on Beginning Sewing Part I….although I have sewn for awhile you approach to teaching the back of pattern was very interesting and actually learned some things…I can’t wait for part 2 and will be do this right along with you and learning the whole time…I do find some patterns intimidating if it says it has alot of pieces I wonder if I will be able to get them all together properly and end up with a nice garment..I find adult patterns intimidating and leary of trying them but not really sure why I think getting it to fit is what intimidates me the most

  • Sarah

    Thanks for this series, I’m really looking forward to the next installment. I do find commercial patterns pretty intimidating – I got my machine about 6 months ago, and have just been making up my own things since then, until I get up the courage to embark on all that sizing and cutting!

  • Susan

    I agree with Sarah. I got a pattern for a skirt I eventually want to make, but every time I pull it out my head kinda starts to spin. I’m so scared to even try it without proper instruction! So I’m really glad to see these videos up. I’m a college student and I was going to drop $140 on a class, and now that these are here I can save that money for food and other luxuries. Thanks so much!

  • Jeff, Cassi and Forest Trish

    I am not intimidated by the learn to sew patterns because my grandmother helps me out and I look up tutorials. But I am intimidated by the harder ones. My grandmother and I just look at each other and say what the heck does that mean when reading the instructions.

  • Irisha

    Thank you, Vanessa! I am not intimidated, I used to sew. I just feel it was so, so long time ago, that any tutorial will help to bring my memory back. Please, don’t stop!!!
    ~ Iryna

  • Anonymous

    I just watched the 1st video. I can only find flannel fabric that I like that is 41″ or 42″ wide. I need to make the teen/adult size M. Will I be okay with that 41 or 42″ wide fabric? I have not bought the pattern because I don’t want to buy it then not use it. Help would be great! Thanks, Beginner Sewer!

  • PaigeKate

    Thank you so much for these. My grandmother was a sewing machine(she could do small projects without measuring) but I struggled with learning to sew(mainly because I was having to learn in home ec classes with poor teachers). My grandma offered to teach me, but I only saw her once a week. I wish this had been available when I was younger, I would’ve taken up sewing a lot sooner.


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