…still no baby!  I’m having some mild contractions so I’m sure she’ll grace us with her presence in the next few days.  But then again…I started having contractions 9 days before I had my son so I’m hoping she doesn’t decide to take as long as he did!
In the meantime I thought I would show you all the adorable little bows I recently ordered from one of my blog sponsors- Hermanas Bowtique.  Growing up I was never really a girly-girl.  I played three sports in high school and usually hung out with a bunch of guys.  It’s a little weird getting bows and pink stuff for a child of mine but I’m sure it will hit me once she’s here safe and sound.
I ordered these cute bows in different colors so I can switch them up with different outfits.  I’ll also have the option of clipping the bows to a headband like this one for another cute look.
The girls at Hermanas Bowtique were just great to work with.   I was able to choose every color and style of bow I wanted and they shipped so fast!  I had these bows in my mailbox only 2 days after ordering them!  Love it!
I decided on some of the more basic bows but you guys should check out all the crazy fabulous things these girls can do with ribbon!  All kinds of figurines, cartoons, bugs, butterflies, etc.
Here are some examples:
If you’re looking for adorable and quality handmade hair accessories check them out at: Hermanas Bowtique
p.s.- they also sell sewn items like pillowcase dresses, tote bags, diaper bags, etc.

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