Thank YOU and Giveaway winner announced!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did.  We celebrated my DS’s 2nd birthday and my DH’s 32nd birthday! We spent the weekend grilling and swimming at our new farmhouse…enjoying nature and our little family. It was great!
My son loves his new salt water pool!  This was something new for us but I love how it doesn’t feel like a regular chlorine pool.  It feels like plain old water. Weird but cool!
We even took our dog, Onyx, out there to get used to his new 5 acre yard!
After running everywhere he plopped down in the shade and concrete to cool off. Looks like every member of this family is loving the new place!
I also wanted to thank you all because my video tutorials have officially been viewed over 1 MILLION times all around the world! That is so insane to me! I haven’t even been on YouTube for 2 years yet.  I really appreciate the love & support and I’m happy you all enjoy my tutorials. 
I’ll leave you now with this week’s video…. where I also announce last week’s
Simplicity Bias Tape Maker
 machine giveaway!  Enjoy your week!

6 replies on “Thank YOU and Giveaway winner announced!“

  • Betsy

    I love the farmhouse with all that areage! I’d love to have a space for a garden. Thanks for sharing it, and good luck on the birth of your daughter! – Your son is a doll!

  • Evita

    May your labor be short, and everything happening accord to doctor”s plans. My prayers are with you and the new baby. I just love your new home. Even the outside colors are great. I know you have tons to do but remember”Rome wasn’t built in one day”. You’ll have the time to get things done. Also, there always will be something that needs fixing or painting, etc. That goes when one owns a home. G’d’s blessings on you all.


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