I recently started a Modern Quilt Guild in town- Gainesville Modern Quilters and yesterday we had our first FREE member-taught workshop!  I love the idea of having members of the guild teach each other without anyone having to pay for anything. We are a super laid-back guild with no executive board, no dues, etc.

Two of our members taught us how to make fabric bowls yesterday afternoon and let me tell you….. these suckers are addictive!!

….and yes, I have added this to my list of video tutorials to do.  I have a few other things on my plate right now but I’ll get to it as soon as I can.…. wait no more, the video tutorial is live HERE.

You only need a few supplies and a sewing machine that can handle sewing through the bulk. This is also a great recycling/environmentally friendly project because its perfect for scraps!  Depending on the width of the cotton clothesline or filler cord you use you can use strips up fabric as thin as 1/2″ wide!  Don’t throw those scraps away, people!

This is the sample bowl I made at the workshop.  I chose to go with an oblong shape instead of a circle.  Turns out it’s even easier (and quicker) to start than the circle ones. It turned out ok. I made it out of only one fabric… some random remnant I had in my stash.  After getting the technique down I went home and made this baby…

Isn’t it cute? You may recall the fabrics from this quilt.…I always keep my scraps.  I also used a variegated thread and I think that really adds a little something else to solid (or almost solid) fabrics.
I love these little bowls.  Each of the ones I made took up only 6 yards of 100% cotton filler cord that I bought at Joann’s.  You can make really little ones for jewelry or storing knick-knacks or great big ones for bread, fruit, or decorative bowls….. oh, so many ideas!
Video tutorial on these fabric bowls coming soon! are HERE!

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