If you’ve ever made a quilt you know how confusing it can be to figure out what side you should press the seams towards so, when you start sewing rows together they match and abut nicely.  Here is a  tip I have come up with over the years and it works for me just fine.

Generally I press my seams towards the darker fabric (so you don’t see the seam through the light fabric) but if the fabrics I’m using aren’t dark, then I tend to press my seams in whatever direction I’m feeling like it while the iron is in my hand. In order to get all my seams to abut nicely, I just make the seams abut regardless of the direction the seam was pressed in to begin with.  Here is what I mean:

Here you see the seam has been pressed in to different directions.  When I made the row I pressed the seam towards the right.  Now that I am sewing two rows together, I am forcing the seam to flip back in the opposite direction.  I put a pin at the seam intersection and sew the rows together.

To resolve the issue of having a bulky seam underneath because its going in two different directions.  I grab a pair of scissors and very carefully snip right below the seam line… making sure not to snip the other seam line.  Then I press again to make sure the seam is laying flat.

Clear as mud?
I’m not sure if that will help anyone but that is what I do and it works so I thought I would put it out there.  Don’t be afraid to try something new and different… especially if you see it works for you!  There is no such thing as the quilting police!  There is no right or wrong way to quilt!
On that note… if you can remember way back when I wrote this post. 
I have finally finished the quilt top for that special lady.  Don’t mind the design… because there is no design!  I just sewed 64  Drunkard’s Path blocks and randomly started piecing them together.  I didn’t pay attention to color placement or orientation I just focused on matching the block intersections.  Which worked out beautifully because that was the only place I had to match points! Can you tell I’m a quilting rebel?!  I like to do my own thing…. plus, I love the abstract feel of the quilt.
For the blocks I used my AccuQuilt Go! cutter with the 7″ Drunkard’s Path die.  I had all the pieces cut out in less than 20 minutes. Then I trimmed them to the size I wanted and voila!
To piece the quilt top I used my Curve Master presser foot.  I forgot to mention in my previous post that the Curve Master foot can be used on curves and to sew your regular ol’  1/4″ seams!  So, I didn’t have to change the foot while making this quilt.  FABULOUS!
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