I have a lot planned for 2011!
One of the most exciting things we are doing this year is buying a house…. a farm house to be exact!
My DH and I are starting our official search this month and are very excited!  We are looking for something on 2-5 acres of land.  I can’t wait to live in my secluded little country home growing all my herbs and veggies and quilting the days away.  Hmmm.. maybe something like this on 5 acres?

With the purchase of a new home comes a lot of tightening up our budget.  Thankfully, I’m really good about saving money and not spending extra on unnecessary things. I’m sure it also helps that I hate shopping.  There is something about being in a mall with so many stores and choices that drives me crazy! I only go when its absolutely necessary and I go knowing exactly what I’m looking for so I can be in and out.  I’m not a window shopper or someone who likes to just walk around stores waiting to see if something catches my eye. I’m just too impatient and hyper for that.
We don’t have any credit cards either.  Which is a huge relief! We only buy things cash in this house.  Which is actually very liberating to say type. 
Where I am going to have to tighten up my belt is in cutting back on my fabric purchases!  AH!  
My mother came over a few days ago and helped me organize all one third of my fabric stash in my studio closet.  Now, I can at least see these fabrics and can scavenge around to see if I have something I can use instead of going straight to the fabric shop.  They aren’t arranged by color or anything I just needed a quick solution to the disaster that was taking over my studio!
I think this will help for now and I can only hope to organize a huge quilting room in my new farm house where everything will be sorted by color.  Ah… to dream.

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  • Kellan

    I’m really excited for you! My DH and I are doing the same thing this year only we’re buying a historic home. I haven’t figured out what I’m cutting back on yet….I’m working on that. Any suggestions?

  • Vanessa

    What a great new step! Even more exciting, is living on a cash budget and not accumulating debt. My hubby and I are doing the same, but more so to get out of debt! I wish you the best in finding your new home (acres of land sounds divine)!

  • Melissa

    Looking for a new house is so much fun! My mom is a major quilter, with an ever growing stash. She went to Lowes and got fabric boxes in different colors. Then she put all her quilting fabrics in those boxes according to color. Now all she has to do is grab a box (or 2 or 3) and she knows just what color she has and its all organized and easy to access. If my stash ever gets to that point, I’m planning to do the same thing!

  • Andrea M

    Wow…such a wonderful time to be alive, right??? I am really excited to hear that you are going to buy a house. I am envious for you, but in a good way. My best advice, even though you didn’t ask for any, is to NOT buy more than you can comfortably afford. What the bank says you can afford, and what you know you can comfortably afford are two totally different things. Of course, buy as big as a house and you need…but remember that Hollywood houses are not for real people. Another thing to do before that first payment is due, is to take 1/2 the payment and prepay it early, then make the other 1/2 payment when it is due. Just by doing that one teeny thing will knock about 7 years off the total time of your mortgage. It is amazing and something that I whole heartedly recommend. It won’t cost you one red cent more to do either. And no….I am not a financial planner or a banker, either. Just a smart wife and mother, like you are. Good luck and let us know when you finally decide on your new home.

  • ellen

    Good Luck, Vanessa, in finding your home/farm. I did this in 2004. I came home [where my heart always was] and am living happily ever until my ‘after’ in paradise. It is paradise with no credit cards and only utility bills to pay. I’m looking forward to hearing where your paradise will be.

  • julie

    You look very organized now, with your fabric stacked so nicely on their shelves. Every now and then, when my study/studio gets to chaotic, I ask my partner to help me reorganize, but I make him swear beforehand that he won’t make fun of me, and he won’t try to make me get rid of anything!

  • Tyrone Swopes

    Ooh, farm houses! I’ve always wanted to own one. With all the hustle and bustle of the city, it just makes you wish for a more quiet life that’s close to nature. But it really depends on the neighborhood you live in. The suburb is also an ideal place to raise a family AND grow your own garden and stuff like that. Ooh, I wish you luck on the budgeting side!


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