Kiddie Handle Tutorial & Giveaway!

My DS is 16 months old and a very active walker runner.  He hates riding around in buggies and is too grown to be worn on my hip.  Even when I try to carry him it looks like I’m lugging around a 3-year-old.  He recently measured in the 90% (for height) for kids his age and I can see people looking at me like, “let that big kid walk on his own.”  So, I started having him hold my hand as we walk around and that worked for a little while… back just can’t take it anymore. And I really don’t want to put one of those baby backpack leashes that are out there. 

Here is my solution…. a Kiddie Handle. 

A super easy quilted project that anyone can do. It’s just a quilted strap that connects to you and the child/toddler holds on to the other end. Obviously, they can let go at any time but I think this is a great way to start teaching your child that they should stay nearby and not wander off.  It has worked for us so far so I’m super happy! Thankfully, my DS is really good about staying close to me.

He actually likes holding on to his Kiddie Handle!  

Now for the giveaway:

I am giving away the Kiddie Handle (pictured above) I made in my video tutorial to one lucky winner.

The fabric is Lollipop by Sandy Gervais for MODA fabrics.

-Just watch one of my video tutorials HERE and come back and tell me what you thought about it.

Giveaway ends Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at 11:59pm (EST). 

-Winner will be announced on Wednesday, January 5th.

If you want to make one for yourself or to give as a gift, here is my step-by-step video tutorial.   

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