Remember in January of this year when I blogged about the plans we had for 2011? One of the things on our list was getting a little farm house so we could move out to the country.  Well, yesterday afternoon we closed on the little farm house of my dreams!
A chunky 5.02 acres of land with a cute little 3bd/2ba home and a salt water pool. 

I am excited to get it all painted and finished up inside and start getting some animals.  Definitely on the list are chickens, goats and another dog. We’ll see what else we get once we get established.  We won’t be moving in until after I have baby #2 (a few more weeks).  I’m also going to have a lot of work to do to get a nice big vegetable and herb garden growing here.  Some plants that were already on the property are these two pecan trees and the Muscadine grapevine behind them. There are also banana plants, strawberries, etc. 

The previous owners used to have a garden with a little irrigation system in the area below so I may look into planting some raised square foot gardens here.

Some of you may be wondering where I will be doing my sewing and quilting… well, we’ve decided to have an outdoor shed/cottage built just for my crafting and video filming.  I can’t wait for that too!  My own secluded space to CREATE! With a new farm house, a new baby girl, and my own creative studio I am sure I will have tons of inspiration for more projects and tutorials so this will be great for you too!

I’ll keep you posted on the changes and additions to our farm home! This is such an exciting time for our little family! 

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