I can’t hold it in any longer!  I have to share my latest quilt with you!
Remember the sneak peak  gave you HERE?  Well, I have to admit.. I lied.   I originally told you this quilt was for a “customer” because I thought my mother-in-law was reading my blog.  Turns out she isn’t.  How did I know?  Well… for starters she didn’t immediately harass me at the sight of the animal print fabrics!
A little history…. she LOVES animal prints.  Her entire house is decorated in animal prints.  Seriously, like…. everything!

Her birthday is next weekend and I am totally in love with the quilt I made for her…. peep this.

I call it Shoofly Safari.

This quilt came together really quickly because I used twelve HUGE 16″ x 16″ Shoofly blocks.
This design is part of my Solo Block Quilt collection.  Just one block repeated over and over again to give the quilt a secondary design when it is all put together.

The quilt measures 55″ x 71″
(p.s.-the binding hadn’t been stitched on the back yet)

I kept the quilting nice and simple with an overall meander because I didn’t want anything to take away from those bold animal prints.  I’m VERY happy with the way it turned out.

(check out the tiger print backing…. HOT!)

I hope my mother-in-law loves it!

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