Halloween is almost here

It’s already September, people! Wow!  Halloween is just around the corner!  I’m excited to take my DS trick-or-treating this year.  Last year he was only 2 months old so, this is all we did… I’m not really into baby costumes because I want him to be as comfortable as possible.  So, he wore a super cute Halloween themed onesie and some cute candy corn socks (too bad you can’t see them in this pic) I got for him at Target for $1.

We filled the candy bowl with candy hoping some neighborhood kids would come a’ knockin’… but only one little boy did.  We were very disappointed.  Hopefully this year will be different.

While I contemplate what to make my baby for Halloween… I have to (of course) get some cute fabric.  I’m not sure if I should make him a Halloween candy bag out of this fabric because he won’t be eating any candy (he’s only 1 yr old).  Maybe I’ll make him some cute shorts (we live in FL it will probably still be warm) or pants with this fabric. Hmmm.. come to think of it.. how cute would a little toddler hoodie be with this fabric?!

I have some designing and buying to do in the next few weeks…how about you?  Do you have any Halloween craft projects in the works?

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  • paulette

    OMGosh…what a cutey!! I would turn him into a bumble bee…that’s what I made my daughter when she was a baby. So easy and they can wear whatever the weather permits under the costume so they stay nice and warm. Just make a striped baggy tube..drawstring around the neck and just above the knees. Yellow or black (I had yellow fabric so stitched black stripes on)leggings or black pants, wings from the dollar store and some antennae!! So easy and adorable!! Just a thought…but man he is so cute…as is!!


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