What a busy weekend this was for me!  Thank goodness I have a hands-on husband who looooooves his baby (but not more than I do, of course).  These two jokers play all day long!  Inside, outside, under the rain, at the park, with the dog, in my kitchen, etc….All the while I’m in my sewing room pumping out quilts!  Tomorrow night is my monthly guild meeting and I always take at least one quilt for show & tell.  For tomorrow I have finished two quilts.  They are both original designs that I am just dying to show you!  But I can’t just yet because 1) was submitted for potential magazine publication and 2) will be my first quilting e-pattern due to be unveiled later this week! Just a few more days for the full shot of this sneak peak.

As I quilted this weekend my DS would occasionally come knocking on my sewing room door… and I just have to let him in. Sometimes he just wants me to carry him and show him some love then goes right back to his daddy.  Other times he wants to stay and help me quilt!

I love this little guy so much!
p.s.- don’t worry.. the machine was off… he just likes rolling it back and forth.

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