I won!! Remember this SewBids site I blogged about yesterday… well, there was an auction for an AccuQuilt Go! Cutter going on today.. and I literally sat on the couch (nursing my DS) outbidding my fellow quilters! At the end of a looooong time (like 40 minutes or something).. I came out on top and was the highest bidder!  I’m so excited!

Yup! That’s me!
I can hardly believe I won an AccuQuilt Go! Cutter with a 10″ x 10″ mat and a 10″ by 10″ die for a whopping $2.47!  Granted, I had to pay shipping (~35) & taxes but the total was only $38.31! That is nothing compared to the ~$400 cost of the package!
There is no way anybody can beat that deal!  Insane.
The owner of SewBids already emailed me and said he will ship it out tomorrow via UPS.  Meaning I’ll have a brand new AccuQuilt Go!  by Monday!  woo-hoo!
Stay tuned for my product review of the Go! I really needed this.   Anything that will allow me to save time these days is much needed!
Check out www.sewbids.com!  It’s legit and a great way to get sewing/quilting/craft supplies for the low!  10 new auctions for all kinds of different notions are going up tomorrow.
p.s.- if I outbid any of you tonight… I’m sorry.  But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I’m still your friend. :o)

5 replies on “AccuQuilt GO! Cutter

  • paulette

    wow!! That is insane!! You got your whole GO! for the price of a cheap die!! Got to love that!! How long does the bidding last? I noticed in today’s bidding all the bidding ended at different times. Why is that? Do you know when it is ending?
    Thanks for the info?

  • Beeshebags

    OMG you are just sooo lucky, pity we don’t get great deals like that on GO!’s over here in Australia….I’m soooo envious right now. Have lots of fun on your GO! for me. Hugs Naomi

  • Crafty Gemini

    Marie- Andree: I thought the same thing.. he must buy the stuff wholesale somewhere.. even though the Go! I won went for $2.47… he made almost $1 per each bid… and there were 247 bids. So, if he got the GO! at a wholesale price he probably broke even or made a little bit on it. I’m sure that as more and more people join the site and bid more he will make a lot of money.


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