SewBids penny auction site!

I am a member on an online longarm quilting group and one of our members recently sent a message telling up about this awesome website:

I do not have any relation or affiliation with this website but I wanted to share because it was just launched last week and dozens of sewing & quilting related items, notions, batting, etc have been going for literally pennies! It’s worth checking out!  

If you want to get 3 FREE bids, just click HERE to register! ** Don’t forget to confirm your registration email.  Sometimes it ends up in your junk or spam folder.**

Here is how it works, (taken directly from the site): All auctions are for NEW items and begin at one penny. As you bid the sale price of the item increases one penny per bid. After the time expires on the clock, the last bidder wins the auction. Once you have joined the community at, you can purchase bids. All our bids are sold in “Bid Packs” and can be used on any item. The more bids you buy, the cheaper they will be. This enables us at to sell new items at up to 95% cheaper then other retailers.

I was skeptical at first, too.  But when the group member told us about everything she had won and reassured us that the site was legit I decided to check it out.  I registered (it’s free) last night and was given 3 free bids to start off with.  Today, I was able to bid on a bid pack and paid $0.09 for $20.00 bid pack!  I couldn’t believe it!  It’s easy, fun, and the products they have are actually things we quilters & crafters want!

Of course you still have to pay for shipping and taxes but it is sooooo worth it especially when you are literally paying pennies for it!

There aren’t many items posted right now but they have a message posted that says he will be restocking and adding more auctions on Saturday, September 11th.  Be sure to register and check back then.  If you want to see some of the stuff they have had before check out the ended auctions list. (scroll down to see them)

I heard they even post longarm quilting machines on the site and start it off at a penny! Insane!
Well, I hope you will join this new online bidding site with other quilters and crafters and maybe I’ll see you there!

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  • Loren Arnolds

    Online auctions are everywhere! I sometimes get my items (for my crafts and art works I sell in Cincinnati) from auction sites for a much cheaper price, too. Maintaining a website requires some extra money, ya know. I’m also thinkin’ about updating my design. Thanks for sharing this, Vanessa.


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