Black & White Quilt Along- Block 5

Here it is! The #5 and final block tutorial for my first ever Quilt Along!
Electric Fan
This block looks a lot more intricate than it actually is!
It’s easy to cut and sew together! Here goes….
What you’ll need for one 12.5″ x 12.5″ block that will end up being 12″ x 12″ when in a quilt:
4 squares that measure 7 1/4″ x 7 1/4″ of 4 different fabrics.  Choose two light and two dark fabrics for best results.
Stack the two dark squares on top of each other (it doesn’t matter in what direction) and pin as shown in the picture so the pins don’t get in your way when you cut. Line up your ruler from one corner to another on your square and cut.

Carefully turn the square 90 degrees and cut down the other center line as well leaving you with 4 triangles.

Repeat this same procedure with your two white (or light) squares.

Here is whatyou end up with after the cutting is over:
Total: 16 triangles.

Take one triangle of each of your four fabrics and lay the pieces on a table like this:

(You will create 4 units just like this but you will turn them slightly for the overall effect of the Electric Fan block.)

First start sewing two of the four triangles of each unit together. Sew the two pieces connected by the white arrows below first.

Then join it together down that center seam to create a square made up of your four fabrics. Repeat this step to all your other triangles until you end up with four exact squares like this:

Lay your blocks according to this diagram and sew together the top row across, and the bottom row across.

Then stitch together the top half of the block and the bottom half to finish your Electric Fan quilt block!!



I hope you have enjoyed creating 5 different yet, easy blocks in my Black & White Quilt Along!

I have just started up a Flickr group for all of you to post pictures of things you have made from any of my tutorials!  I love to see what my readers/viewers/followers/subscribers make!

If you have been following along in this Black & White Quilt Along please join the Flickr group and upload pictures of your blocks! I want to see the different fabrics you’ve used!

Happy sewing!

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