Must-Have Tote Bag Pattern & Video Tutorial

Phew! Just finished another pattern and video tutorial!
My Must-Have Tote Bag written instructions and step-by-step video tutorial are now posted and available to all of you for only $3.00!For only $3.00 you will receive a complete step-by-step PDF document with all the instructions you need to complete this tote bag with very clear and concise diagrams…AND password access to the 19 minute long video tutorial posted to the web via Vimeo.

This tote is perfect for just about anything….. use it as a diaper bag, weekend bag, for library books, groceries, farmers market, etc.  The entire bag is made out of only 1 yard of fabric and is reusable and environmentally friendly!
It has sturdy shoulder straps short enough to hold in your hand but long enough to throw over your shoulder.  The pattern even has a nice big pocket on the exterior of the tote.  The best part about this pattern is the step-by-step instructions on how to make french seams!  Your tote will look clean and professionally finished both on the inside and out.
I also like to make my Must-Have Tote as a gift bag, that way it is also part of the gift and no one ends up with a bag they will throw out anyway.
Click HERE to purchase the Must-Have Tote Bag pattern/tutorial and video tutorial.
Thanks!Happy sewing!

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