Woo-hoo!! I finished the quilt top for my baby boy’s picnic quilt! You know which one… the one I blogged about a few months ago. I used my EQ6 quilting software (I bought mine from our sponsor, Quilting Lodge) to design it.  Here is the design:
The finished quilt top doesn’t look identical to the design but its close enough.  My fabrics weren’t exactly the same because I used the software program just give me an idea of the color palette.  The blocks are the same but I just added more fabrics to the pinwheel blocks and alternated the windmill variation blocks.

Did I tell you it only took me 5 1/2 hours to make this one!? I’m talking about from pressing and cutting my fabrics to having the borders on and all!  I knew I was fast, but wow! Eleanor Burns doesn’t have anything on me with MYQuilt in a Day,” literally!!

If you happened to notice the pieced borders…. sssshhhhhh!! Don’t tell anybody!  I only had 1/2 yd of each fabric I needed! What was I thinking when I only bought that little bit of fabric for borders on a 60+ inch quilt!?? LOL.  I tell ya… my brain goes on vacation (without letting me know) sometimes.  But that’s (one of) the beautiful things about quilting!! It’s YOUR piece of art and you can design and re-design and then re-design some more!

Here is the finished quilt top.

I am very happy with the way it turned out and I am sooooo excited to quilt it!  I bought the navy denim fabric I am going to use for the backing.  If you have never tried denim as a quilt backing… give it a try! I love it! My husband has a picnic quilt I made for him as a birthday present two years ago and that was the first time I tried denim as a backing.  It is sturdier and holds up nicely for picnic quilts that get dirty and thrown around a lot.

Tomorrow is my local quilt guild meeting and I’m taking this one for show & tell! :o)

In other quilty news: I’m still working on the Queen sized quilt I was commissioned to make… ah!! I have 400 of the 480 half-square triangle blocks finished and have pieced two strips for each block.  I’m almost there!  And it’s gotta be DONE by July 19th!  I got a lot of work to do! Please send some happy quilty thoughts my way!



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