woo-hoo! Baby cloth diapers galore!

Ok… so, I’m addicted to making these cloth diapers for baby #1!

Today I made an “overnight” diaper which is made up of 8 absorbent layers of 100% cotton fabrics (6 layers of snuggle flannel and 2 layers of terry cloth) and also has a layer of Alova Suedecloth to help wick the moisture down to the absorbent layers, keeping baby’s bottom feeling dry!

Here are some pics of the diaper before and after I put it all together. The picture that shows two seperate pieces are the two pieces that are made up of three layers of flannel and the one on the right shows the two layers of terry cloth that are sewn on and will be hidden in the center of the diaper when it is all sewn together. I have tried the serging method on one diaper and although it is super quick, I seem to like these diapers better which are made using the “sew right sides together, flip & turn right sides out and topstitch” method. They just look cleaner and more finished…. but again, it does take longer. :o(

My DH and I went to Joann’s a few days ago to get more fabric for my latest cloth-diaper-making obsession and I saw this fish fabric and fell in love with it! I even like that it can be for either a boy or a girl since we don’t know what we are having yet!

I’m so proud of myself!

My cloth diapers are getting cuter and cuter, don’t you think?? ;o)

3 replies on “woo-hoo! Baby cloth diapers galore!

  • Crafty Gemini

    Thanks for the post! Washing is simple… 1) if the baby is exclusively breast-fed then you can throw it straight in the wash.. poo & all. 2) if not exclusively breast-fed then you can either dump the poo out in the toilet and whatever doesn’t fall off easily can still go straight in the wash; or use some flushable pads they sell that you can insert in the diaper and just throw that out.

    Its really not difficult. I have read of mothers on the internet who just put the soiled diapers into a diaper pail and leave them there until they do laundry every 2-4 days and they still say they have no poo stains on their cloth diapers. :o)

  • Lucy Mills

    Hi! I love these! I haven’t seen anything like them! What pattern did you use? Do you have any tips on how you attached the gussets? I’d love to try something like this on my little one 🙂


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