“Diaper Pants”… it’s what my DH calls them.

Ok.. so as you can all see I’m on a roll with this cloth diaper obsession of mine! My DH and I went to Joann’s last week and I let him pick out some fabric (all by himself) to make baby #1’s “diaper pants.” My DH is from New Orleans and he says they call them “diaper pants” there.. I thought that was such a funny name but I like using it now! :oP

Anyway… a cloth-diaper-making friend of mine recommended a free pattern to me for the “diaper pants” (a.k.a- diaper cover, soaker, etc.) and I decided to try it out… Let me just say: “EEEEEEEAAAASSSSSYYYYY!” wow. I was amazed at how quick I whipped this sucker up! I mean literally less than 20 minutes! That includes cutting time and all! I am so happy! I will make a bunch of these in all sizes to continue building baby #1’s stash. This of course is a newborn size. I plan to make about 8 in this size and then make some more of the larger sizes.

I was hesitant to use fleece at first because we live in Florida and I thought baby #1 would be too hot to wear fleece diaper pants…. but after some research, it turns out fleece is actually the preferred fabric for diaper pants among many cloth-diaper-making mommas. Apparently, it has good insulation in the cold months and is still very breathable during the summer months. So, I’m gonna make them using fleece and when baby #1 gets here we shall try it out and see. But if other mommas here in FL use it I hope I, too will be successful.

The pattern I used is referred to as Katrina’s Sew Quick Soaker Pattern and can be found at: http://katrinassqs.blogspot.com/2007/10/free-soaker-pattern.html

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