My hubby and I are expecting Baby #1 this year! Check out my latest baby crafts…

Hi all! I’m back and I hope to post more often from now on…

My DH and I are expecting our first baby this year and you can imagine all the sewing I have been doing lately! I have decided I would like to use cloth diapers and after joining a few different online cloth diaper communities I think I have perfected the newborn fitted cloth diaper I will use for at least the first few weeks… this pattern combination that I have been working on should fit a newborn who weighs between 4-12 lbs.

I am also making a stash of cloth wipes and burping cloths… :o) It is sooooo much fun and to tell you the truth….addicting!!

These diapers have to be used with what my DH calls: “diaper pants” or rubber pants or some other kind of diaper cover made of a non-absorbent fabric (i.e.- fleece, PUL, wool). The inside center liner area is made up of a total of 6 100% cotton snuggle flannel layers. These prove to be pretty absorbent. For the lining area you really want to use a fabric that is at least 80% cotton to help with the absorbency factor…. some other popular fabrics are terry cloth (like towels), cotton knits (t-shirt fabric), etc.

Notice the elastic gussets in the leg holes to help keep baby messes inside. :o)

Once I get more of these diapers under my belt I plan to sell them on my website:

I have also ordered my woven cloth labels to sew on all the crafts I will be selling so please check back to my website often for new and upcoming changes and additions.

Feel free to post and tell me what you think! :o)

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