It’s 2009….and I’m back!!

Hey all! Sorry I have been ghost for a few months.. I had a VERY busy end of the year in 2008! Now, I’m back… and I’m married! My darling husband Brandon and I had a fabulous time in Costa Rica for our honeymoon and have recently returned… now, I’m busy studying for the February 2009 Florida bar exam which is only week away! So, I haven’t been as busy sewing/quilting as I would like but I promise I will jump back into it after the exam is over!

Meanwhile I have also been prepping my sewing/quilting studio and will post pictures when it’s a little more organized. :oP

I have been working on a baby girl quilt for a cousin of mine who is due this summer and will post pictures of that quilt as soon as it’s finished.


Happy quilting!

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